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The location of Sudan's largest and most visited museum is along the El Neel (Nile) Avenue in Khartoum, overlooking the point at which the White Nile and the Blue Nile at Al-Mugran area, converge.  It contains a variety of Sudanese relics from the First Stone Age to the Al Saltan Al-Zarqa era (black sultanate), including glassware, pottery, statuary from the ancient Cush kingdom and frescoes and murals from the church ruins of Ancient Nubia's Christian period from the 8th to 15th century.
The National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums began the re-construction of temples that had been re-located from the Sudanese Nubia area, during the 1960's when flooding by the waters of the High Dam and Lake Nasser was anticipated.  These include the two Egyptian temples of Buhen and Semna which were originally built by Queen Hatshepsut and Pharaoh Tuthmosis III and are now on display at the museum.
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Many priceless monuments and treasures were moved from the Nubia (the border near Egypt) and brought to Khartoum to save them from being destroyed when the Nile flooded during the construction of the Aswan High Dam

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